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don’t know where from but I have in mind that DVD media are best burned at their maximal rated speed, i. e. 4x media at 4, 8x media at 8, 16x media at 16. Is this fiction or reality? If true, do I loose quality when burning with lower speeds?

Background of my question is that I’m going to replace my notebook combi drive by a DVD DL burner. AFAIK, there is no 16x slim burner actually available. On the other hand, the 8x media are being replaced by 16x right now. So I’d to burn 16x media with 8x burners (LiteOn SOSW-833SX, NEC ND-6750). Or should I wait for 16x slim burners to come in near future?

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Ideally you should start out burning any media at it’s rated speed. The exception might be with 16x media which some reckon should be burned at 12x. If you’ve got quality media then this approach should be fine. Some 8x media like Taiyo Yuden will burn very well at higher speeds of 12x & even 16x.
I can’t tell you whether you should wait to get a slimline 16x burner but an 8x burner should have no problems with good quality 16x media.



Thanks for your reply. But my concern was just the other way round: In the near future you will only be able to buy 16x media, not slower. Will they burn fine at 8x (my burner can’t faster)?



If your drive (or its firmware) is new enough to have proper support for 16x certified media, then there should be no problem in burning quality media at 8x!

If you have an older drive which doesn’t have (proper) support for 16x certified media, then the result might not be very good.


slimline(laptop) burners suffer from design limitations, power, size etc.
save the combo burner for essential tasks like reinstalling the OS, get a good external setup.
More economical and durable.


For optimal burning speeds, incl hardware comments, you´ll find a useful discussion in


Thanks for your advice. Indeed, I thought in the same direction. Actually, I own a combo drive in my noteboook and an LiteOn LDW-811S built into an external USB case. The 811S can’t write faster than 8x, and there will most probably be no FW updates (last from September 2004). But I planned to hold the 811S for KProbe. Other option, like your proposal, is to hold the combo drive and replace the 811S by what ever (SHW-16H5S, SOHW-1693S, BenQ 1655?), then scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed. I think I go for that, yet hoping to get some recommandations for the new burner here.

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I have had the SHW-16H5S and returned it a few days later for full refund because it had very bad reading capabilities. Now, I’ve got a Benq 1650, which seems to be much better.
So, I’d recommend getting a Benq 165x as an addition to your old Liteon drive.