Optimal burning quality? (on DW1620)

Alright, I finally decided to start listening to you guys and ordered 200 TYG02s (from SVP, so I am sure they are legit) since I wanted to make sure that I get the best quality and, most importantly, that I can still read them in 5-10 years.

My first mistake was probably that I ordered -Rs instead of +Rs, but I expected the quality to be good either way. Sadly, the burns weren’t quite what I had expected (using B7W9 RPC1 firmware):

This is my very first burn @8x:

Not good at all. :frowning: Now my second burn @16x:

Better. I did my 3rd try @4x but it got even worse than the burn at 8x: :a

Hmm. Even my RitekG05 looks better than that:

So, several questions arise:

  1. Whis is the best speed if I want my discs to last as long as possible?

  2. Could it be that my system is too overloaded and a clean install would improve things (currently I run Win2k with plenty of apps installed like Visual Studio 2005, Dreamweaver, etc)?

  3. Is it the 1620? When I bought it, the general opinion here was that it was the best burner at the time. I just updated the firmware, could that be a factor?

  4. What about the Nero, I’m currently using, is it time to update?

5)Can WOPC have anything to do with it and where do I turn this on/off anyways?

  1. Do you have any other suggestions to improve my write quality or am I getting worried over nothing?

I would like to avoid burning 100 discs and then find out I could have done something to make this better. :doh:

Thanks in advance!!! :flower:

Those are not exactly bad results. Although people usually get prettier scans than the one you have posted, many people using other media would be happy with those scans.

Did you get the unbranded or the printable Taiyo Yuden TYG02?

  1. There is no evidence to suggest that the longevity of a disc is directly linked to the burn speed, so I suggest you choose whichever burn speed gives you the best initial results.

  2. Extremely unlikely. Hopping on one leg and singing the national anthem is probably just as likely to improve the burn quality.

  3. Have you tried looking at other peoples results with the 1620?

  4. A Nero update will do nothing for your burn quality.

  5. WOPC shouldn’t have that much influence on the results with good media, but you can find QSuite or Quikee’s WOPC tool and disable/enable WOPC.

  6. Have you tried burning other DVD media on your BenQ 1620 very recently, so that you know that it can still produce great burns?

Markstar, the big dragon (heh, DrageMester) already gave you good answers. :iagree:

Only things I will add is;

  • make sure you really have genuine Taiyo Yuden media,
  • make sure your system is optimized and HDD’s well defragmented,
  • try to burn at 12x with WOPC disabled,
    and not burn related, save your images with .PNG extention.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it!!! :smiley:

Looks like turning off WOPC really helped!

Now that’s much better! :clap:
Oh, and yes, those are the full-face printables from SVP.

I’ll try some other settings but at least now I got what I expected. :wink:

And thanks for the hint about using the Portable Network Graphics standard. I always assumed JPG would be better and never even tried it out! Wow, better quality and much lower filesize! :eek:

Does the printables usually will get less prettier result then the non-printable? What is your experience?

I was asking out of curiosity as well as for selfish reasons, because I’m going to order some new media from SVP soon! :bigsmile:

All my Taiyo Yuden media so far has been non-printable and branded (Verbatim, Fujifilm and Plextor).

From TYG02 scans above, the 1620 can actually make it better but I wonder if this is the characteristic of printables media because of the label on it??

Well, it seems my good results early on @12x were just luck, mediocre scans from there on out, despite reboots and not touching the computer (actually not even moving around physically) .

So there remains one question:
Will those discs still last long (if stored correctly, of course)??? :confused:

I’m a little worried that despite paying twice as much for the DVD-Rs, I’ll still have bad discs in 5 years or so. :frowning:

Edit: The first image is @12x, second @16x. 12x is still better but not as good as I had hoped. :rolleyes:

You should try them on another burner before pulling any conclusions. BenQ’s can be very temperamental burners. :slight_smile:

Yes, I was thinking about that, too. Sadly that’s the only one I got. :o