Optimal burner & standalone player combination?

I want to update BOTH my DVD burner (non-HD) and standalone DVD player (non-HD).

Does it make a difference which combination of burner and standalone player I use? Is there common wisdom about which burner’s disks play best with a particular player?

Would it help to use a Pioneer burner and Pioneer player, for instance?

I saw the post about the “Top 5 drives of 2008”, so I will start with one of those. But what about the best standalone player, one with the most acceptable playback of burned DVDs?

Most of my burned DVDs are played back in my own standalone player.

Just curious if you can recommend a complete picture:

[li]preferred burner (non HD) (Right, one of the Top 5)
[/li][li]preferred media ( - or +, DL, does it make a difference to playability?) Are people burning more DLs today?
[li]preferred standalone player (non HD)?
I planned to spend a total of $100 US on the burner and player, unless I hear otherwise. I appreciate your input.

Thanks - Jimmyjoe

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I personally looked at each item seperately when I got my setup together.

My standalone (DVD recorder) is a Philips DVDR-5500 - which I purchased because my previous Philips standalone player was very tolerant of the burned media I threw at it.

Regarding drives: everyone has a favourite, and as long as you use good media, most drives should do the trick (Matshita laptop drives being a possible exception, LOL). I tend to use any one of 3 drives to burn stuff for standalone viewing: Pioneer 115D, Samsung SH-S203N, or an LG GSA-E10N.

However, there are newer models about now (i.e. the Pioneer 116/216, and Samsung SH-S223x).

As far as media goes: for both SL and DL media, I use Verbatim (either -R or +R). I recommend the Verbatim DLs to be Made in Singapore preferably.

You also don’t mention whether you’d like to buy an IDE or SATA burner?

Anyway, that’s my tuppence worth, hopefully others will add. :slight_smile:

Arachne, perfect. Thanks!

I’ll use SATA drives.

On the burner side, it seems like the “Top 5 of 2008” are hard to find now.

Are the next generation (newer Pioneer 116/216, and Samsung SH-S223x) at least as good?

And, does a LightScribe model make a difference? Does it impact burn accuracy or readability some how?

[QUOTE=jimmyjoemeekr;2206982]Arachne, perfect. Thanks!

I’ll use SATA drives.

On the burner side, it seems like the “Top 5 of 2008” are hard to find now.

Are the next generation (newer Pioneer 116/216, and Samsung SH-S223x) at least as good?[/QUOTE]

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Unfortunately yeah, some of the best drives are hard to find now :sad:…but I think personally, I’d go for the Pioneer 216 over the Sammy 223x out of the drives available now. I have a Dell rebadge of the 223F that came in my newest PC, but unfortunately I haven’t tested it much.

Pioneer 116D review (we don’t have a 216 one): http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Pioneer-DVR-116DBK-DVD-Burner-Review/

Sammy 223F review: http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Samsung-SH-S223F-DVD-Burner-Review

Edit: Whoops, missed the LightScribe question! I’ve used both LS (Sammy 203N) and non-LS (the others mentioned) to burn my DVD media…I’ve noticed no difference in readability or burn quality. :slight_smile:

Quick update.

I ordered a new Pioneer DVR-115 that I found thru an Amazon reseller. Had to compromise on IDE. Finally decided to ditch Lightscribe and 22x for something with proven quality.

On the standalone player side, you mentioned the Philips DVDR-5500. Reviews seem to confirm that Philips does a good job of playing most burned disks and my biggest interest is having the player play what I burn.

Question: I’m seeing players that specifically list support for DL disks. Will newer players generally play DL disk happily or do the specs have to show support for DL?

(for instance, the Sony DVP-NS700H/B specifically lists support for -R and +R DL. And the Philips DVP5990 doesn’t list DL support. Although playback from a USB drive sounds very cool.)

Just wanted to follow-up and add my experiences:

I have much better success copying and playing DVDs now that I updated my hardware - both the burner and the standalone player.

The Pioneer DVR-116 is my primary burner. I use DVDFab to copy to hd and ImgBurn to burn to DVD.

I have had good success with all media, from cheap HP-branded DVD-Rs to RiData +R DL to Verbatim. The inkjet printable DVD-DLs 8x+ are hard to find.

The Sony DVP-NS700 is my standalone player. I have burnt about 15 DVDs and all play back no problems. I’m very pleased.

So, the moral of the story for me was - update to the latest hardware, both burner and player, use ImgBurn and Verbatim media if possible.

Thanks, good luck.

Verbatim DL media is the only reliable DL media.