Optima Technology to enforce CD-R/RW patent, millions of potential license fees

I just posted the article Optima Technology to enforce CD-R/RW patent, millions of potential license fees.

The Californian company, Optima Technology, known for hardware and software storage solutions has
announced a one million dollar bounty for those who are able to hand over any

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6027-Optima-Technology-to-enforce-CD-R_RW-patent-millions-of-potential-license-fees.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6027-Optima-Technology-to-enforce-CD-R_RW-patent-millions-of-potential-license-fees.html)

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Good for Optima, serves the big companies right for stealing technology from the little companies without paying for it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hmm…depends on how long they’ve been sitting on this and waiting. Those big companies could have created the technology themselves, without knowledge of the patent, only to find out now that Optima has it. Considering how long packet-writing has been around, looks like Optima intentionally waited until it was widespread, and companies won’t have a choice but to pay. The bad news, customers like us get to pay a higher price for burners.

Yes, this sounds like exactly what RAMBUS did. Companies that intentionally wait until something is practically a standard and then decide to enforce their patent deserves to get nothing. :frowning:

Knowing that Optima Technology had no clue to the value of the patent till end of last year makes more sense if you know the up and down background of the company since 1990. They deserve to now cash in on a valuable asset that not even they had a clue as to the value till recently because of the Lava Group. It’s like finding an old box you forgot about in the attic, then opening it you find its full of old stock certificates that are worth millions of dollars when appraised. God bless them!

can you make anything in this world today without stepping on someone’s patents? Seems not.

goes to apply for a patent on the concept of thinking

Fuck Optima. Notice how the wording of the statement means no-one will ever get any reward money. What does “up to” a million mean? Also, the money is only paid upon damages recovered, ie after the case goes to court & appeal, basically about five years later, IF they win. As for the person who ratted, they’d be fired one way or another. Surely it would be better to go to the boss asking for a pay rise otherwise you were going to spill the beans :g

:):):):):)I disagree; I think that what Optima Technology Corporation did was outstanding! J It is not fair for a company to make millions of a stolen idea, look what Japan did to the US many years ago and look what China is doing today by ripping off our patents…. Are we going to condone this continued corporate corruption here in the US like what happened at ENRON and Freddie Mac, honest people turned in their companies and did so justly because they believe in America and our freedoms. Any lawyer, will tell you it’s illegal for a employee to knowingly hide inside knowledge of stolen trade secrets and/or patent infringement information and/or use it to get money as in a raise from his or her company, they need to follow the law and blow the whistle on their company. At least Optima is an honest US company and will make them a Million dollars, from what I see/read in the web-site, they already paid out money just last week! :S