Optidrive Control - Disc quality?


I have seen their disc revisions with Opti drive control but I do not know how to interpret the results … “Higher is better” ??
I see that the top section is speed … the bottom is errors?
I need to know if the Kodak MID: UMEBDR114 discs are good or not.
Please help!



This is not a good burn, but it should work on most drives without problems.

Lower is better, because you see the error-rates. Top section is LDC, bottom window is BIS.

According to c’t magazine http://www.heise.de/ct/ for a quality BD-R burn, the average LDC should stay below 13 and the maximum BIS should not exceed 8

Specs: LDC: avg. < 13 (Long Distance Code/Burst Error Length BEL)
LDC: max. 600
BIS: max 15

However, I have many discs with higher error-rates and in my players and drives these media is working without problems

this is a better burn of these discs

IMHO this media is not totally bad, but the quality varies a lot and not every drive like it. I don´t have experience about the reliability with this media. I would recommend Verbatim BD-R


Thank you very much for the info.
I have one doubt … to which corresponds the speed? Is the speed of evaluation or is the speed of recording which is indicated by the user?
This brand (of the known brands) and model is the most convenient one I have seen in my country … 100 x about 36USDLS.
The ability to record quickly does not matter to me because I have time available. What matters most to me is that the recording is durable over time.


Which speed do you mean?

The link I posted showed 4x burn speed, 8x and 4x read/scan speed.


The only proven and reliable BD blanks for long-term storage are Panasonic BD-R media that are made in Japan. They are more expensive than the usual media and probably you will need to order them from Japan sellers on ebay.

Known problematic BD blanks are those manufactured by Ritek (BR2, BR3…). known for becoming completely unreadable in less than 2 years.

Best price/performance media in the moment is CMCMAGBA5 from CMC Magnetics, used by many brands including Verbatim. Longevity is still unknown - some users don’t report any meaningful degradation few years after burning but some users report increased error rates few years after burning (usually the media is completely readable).

Longevity of media manufactured by MBI India or UME China is unknown due to wide variation in quality from batch to batch.

Other but very important thing is how you store your BD-R before and after burning. It must be in jewel case or spindle, forget the CD binders/wallets and sleeves - they make mess of the anti-scratch layer and can make the media unreadable.


This is no good burn, but still easily inside error tolerance.

3000 PIE could render files damaged.