Opticarc ad5170a

I recently bought a sony opticart ad5170 dual layer burner for xbox 360 games.

I cannot copy games i have downloaded as the current firmware is out of date. I have downloaded the new firmwear and no matter what i do it wont install. My Pc is a Dell dimention DM 051. When I try to copy games an error - Set Lo data zone capacity failed - reason no seek complete. I have looked on sony’s website and read that this disk drive isnt compatible for certain Dell Pc’s is there a way round this?

please help!!

Pink xx

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I cannot copy games i have downloaded…

Sorry, we’re not allowed to help you with illegally downloaded game issues. :sad:

As negritude said, we cannot discuss illegal downloads of Xbox 360 games. Please review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected materials before posting again.

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