Optical RAID

Anyone have any experience with Optical RAID? I’ve been reading around a bit. Looks like Apple might support it, and maybe it depends on the controller programing. With regular DVD drives being so cheap and with the new DVD formats being so slow and so expensive, optical raid is a natural interest. Let’s see, twelve drives times 1.32 MB/s times 16x that’s over 250 MB/s on the outside. How many hardrives in RAID 0 do I need to support that? Now you have to be careful; I don’t want performance to fall off on the inside. What’s the slow side of magnetic? Is it 40 MB/s now?

I’m using XP, at the moment. I’m looking for something else though. Linux I guess. Or Apple. Or Both.

Just like to hear any experience anyone has had with setting up Optical drives in RAD 0 formation.


optical raid :smiley:
that is funny
Just think about the access time
I don’t think optical raid is feasible now


	Thanks for input.  Optical RAID is feasible.  Apple seems to have a bit more flexablity with devices;  the link above is a guy who set up five USB floppy drives in a stripped array, RAID 0, with OS-X.  Not sure a traditional optical image would work, but with a “drag to disc” program that see’s optical like a hardrive, I think that would work with traditional RAID controllers-if you can get them shake hands with the optical the way OS-X does above.

	Access times?  I’ve seen Blu-ray access times about double that of regular DVD, and the best Blu-ray access times I’ve seen are still well over 200ms or about 220ms I believe.  Regular DVD is around 160ms.  For transferring large chuncks of data, as in backup, I don’t think access times are that critical.  I’m not sure RAID 0 has that much effect on access times.  Access times are critical for real time software like gaming software, but why run that off the optical when you run it off the hardrive with a virtual drive?  I used to hate the optical drive til’ I started using a virtual drive for those applications.  Now if I can copy the disc to hardrive, I do.  One optical drive is fine for copying my discs to disk.  I like the idea of having a 50 GB virtual disc with 100 MB/s transfer speeds..  The regular DVD drives don’t cost much these days, so it’s a fun idea to play with.  And maybe if enough people started playing with that idea, the Optical ‘associations’ would start spinning the new DVD formats a little faster, a little sooner, instead of dealing our performance like a coke addict on his last gram of product.  Blu-ray discs spin about 15 times slower than regular DVD and transfer DATA half as fast(9 MB/s for 2x Blu-ray compared to about 18 MB/s(average) for the faster regular DVD drives).  Right now, they can take thier sweet time and you’ll get what they decide to give.  You’d hope the DOJ would check into that, but don’t hold your breath-they’ll get a cut of the consumer pie down the road.

		Thanks again for your reply.
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Utera makes an adaptor card specifically for Optical RAID. I’m sure it’s a pretty rare and expensive bird. It’s also limited to five drives. It has some nice features though. It can burn -R media, not RW media.

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