Optical Quantum DVD -R Discs?

Anyone heard of or used any of these discs yet I’m just wondering who makes
them and if they are any good or not these are the first one’s I’ve ever seen.
They are supposed to be water proof inkjet discs. I just noticed that they are
listed on newegg with no reviews on them yet.

Optical Quantum 4.7GB 16X DVD-R White Inkjet Printable 50 Packs Cake Box Water resistant Disc

Shame, I’d be a guinea pig if I lived in the US. :slight_smile:

LOL! So would I :o

(Arachne, do you think we should both book a psychiatrist?) :bigsmile:

Only trace of any quantum media I could find: VideoHelp

That might be a good idea :o :bigsmile:

I bet it’s another one to add to the fakes list. Just a feeling… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard to say what the media is although the appearance that they probably used fake TYG02 isn’t a great site. It’s interesting that that same company is selling a nice DVD duplicator on Newegg, makes me wonder if the company isn’t catering to DVD pirates.


This is very interesting - 'cause Newegg notoriously does not deal in fake discs - at least they haven’t up to now-eh!

A review from http://www.cdrinfo.com states they are TYG03

See here http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=19390&PageId=1

I suppose I could grab a pack to test…

I know they’ve sold Hyundai with all sorts of fake media codes before (and Playo DL media is likely fake).

After reading a little bit about them, I’m wondering now if they might be legit TY. That and the fact that they seem to be selling a high quality duplicator.

That was my thinking also.

I bought a pack of the White inkjet “and” the Silver inkjet, I will post scans
and info next week when I get them, could very well be Monday.

The cakebox reminds me a little of the gray bottom TY cakeboxes for Fuji and Panasonic 25 disc packs in Europe, but it’s not the same design.
Good luck with the discs, [B]MegaDETH[/B] :wink:

Be sure to let us know how they do MegaDETH I was thinking about getting
some of them to test but I will wait and see what you have to say about them
first. :wink:

You bet I will :slight_smile:

Nice one, look forward to 'em, MegaDETH (and I see your username is in bold now ;))

Water Resistant? Sounds like marketing garbage from E-net (if these were located in the UK, I would be highly suspicious). EDIT That being said it hardly seems worth trying when you consider that you can get the following for about $45-$46 shipped and two packs of that media listed above (same quantity) would cost over $60:


Well my DVD’s arrived today.

The White full face inket are TYG03 serial #GH000142

The Silver full face printable are TTH02

If I can get a good picture or a scan of how the print looks I will post it.

Glad to hear that they’re legit.

That’s cool - wonder how they’ll perform :slight_smile:

Are the TTH02’s CMC made?

I tried to take a couple of pictures but they don’t turn out to well. The print is VERY nice and water doesn’t affect them at all.

The first burn I did in my LG 22N turned out ugly, maybe the Liteon will like them more.

I don’t know anything about TTH02’s so let me know what to look for.