Optical Quantum BDR Glossy

Has anyone used the Optical Quantum BDR 4x Glossy Inkjet disks.
I amy using a Pioneer BDR-206 Firm 1.05. My failure rate is 20%+.
I am thinking it is a Pioneer firmware problem. Just wondering if any one else has had better sucess and with whick Burner?
Using Aftermarket ink in a Epson printer the ink takes over 24 hours to dry but when it does it looks ausome.
Thanks Glenn

I’d have to say my best guess is it could just be the discs are bad because
with a failure rate of 20%+ it sure sounds that way to me. The only time I
ever tried the Optical Quantum brand of discs was with their DVD -R which
was a total waste of time and money. :doh:

I had such a high failure rate with them out of the first 10 or so discs that I
just decided to toss the rest of them in the trash can and made sure to put
the Optical Quantum brand at the top of my do not ever buy again list . :Z :disagree: