Optical Quantum 8x is Fuji 8x?


The NEC site lists Fuji as a good 8x media to use for 2510A and this site says that their 8x discs are OEM Fuji. Has anyone tried them? At $30 for 50 pack its a pretty good deal I think.

Anywhere have a better deal that runs at 8x?

Those fuji discs are very good quality. Recommended.

Interesting that they say Fuji OEM. Fuji media has been all different kinds.

Fuji DVD-R media is normally either Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, or Prodisc.

Fuji DVD+R media is Ritek (with the RICOHJPN media codes).

So I wonder if this media is just one of those?

Although I do see that the 8x DVD-R media from Fuji has a media code of “FUJIFILM03”. Interesting.

Some people have reported very good results with Prodisc 8x DVD+R media. It is as low as 52 cents each in quantity:


I personally have had good results with their 4x DVD-R media (which I got branded as FujiFilm). Their 8x DVD-R media is even cheaper than their DVD+R media:


Wow will the 50 pack of prodisc 8x dvd-r for $26 is a superbargain. I may order some of those up today. I just dont want to buy some 8x disc and it only burn at 4x.

I believe that the current Prodisc 8x DVD-R media has the ProdiscS04 media code, which the 2.16 NEC ND-2510A firmware has support for 8x writing.

Looking back at some older firmwares for the ND-2500A, looks like 8x writing is supported there as well.

Strangely, it is not listed in Herrie’s 1.07 V2 B5 firmware. I think that means it will use the FUJIFILM03 write strategy for 8x writing.