Optical Pickup Identification and Information

I have been searching for some time now on identifying the specific pinouts of an optical pickup unit for a CD or DVD device with very little luck. The closest to any relevant information I’ve come across is located at http://repairfaq.ece.drexel.edu/sam/laserdio.htm . I know most information regarding specific optical units has become proprietary once sold to the manufactuer of CD or DVD drives, but I’m hoping that every commercially purchasable optical pickup is not classified as such. Does anyone have the specific pinouts of an optical pickup unit or have a method of testing to easily define them? Also, any information relating to the feedback of the photodiode array or data line of the optical pickup unit would be useful as well(i.e. AC/DC, voltage/current driven, what the data line looks like in terms of its signal, is the “Eye pattern” found on the optical pickup unit or is that processed somewhere else within the drive).

Just for clarification sake the optical pickup unit includes the focus and tracking actuator, laser diode, photodiode array, and all the rest of the little goodness found inside as well.