Optical media threatened by downloads

I just posted the article Optical media threatened by downloads.

Blu-ray defeated Toshiba’s HD DVD format, but many knew that Sony’s war still had to start. Several services make it possible to download movies and play them on your TV immediately. These…

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Great story! You’re making progress Tim!

I have been saying this for months now that VOD will put up a good fight with BluRay. Do yourselves a favor and just by an NMT media server + BD-ROM and either rent/rip your own movies or just DL x264/MKV rips. This way you give Sony/BDA the least amount of money while still being able to enjoy Full 1080p video. If you want HD-Audio, like me, you will have to spend a little more. IMHO, on about 80% of movies I see the difference between DVD upscaled to 1080p video and a pure 720p/1080p source. At least on my LCD. As far as audio is concerned most BluRay still have regular DD 5.1 but I think over the next year we will get a lot more loseless audio. If you don’t believe in the power of 1080p video + lossless audio just check out 30 Days of Night BluRay with 1080p AVC + LPCM (Made from TrueHD) and I think you will be convinced. My NMT works for me and will work for most of you too.

@ hassan What I meant to say was that you’re NOT a moron. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for catching that, admin. :+

Great story Tim, what else could i expect from you :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO there are 2 things keeping VOD and internet downloads from taking over. Until these are solved it will only be a niche product. 1. The wide proliferation of very high speed bandwidth. I talking at least FIOS speeds. The current speeds of DSL and Cable aren’t going to cut it, especially for HD. Who wants to spend 5-10hrs downloading a 2hr movie. 2. DRM. The music industry is finally learning that DRM doesn’t work. Now the movie/video industry needs to learn the same. I want to be able to download the movie and what it on any device I choose.