Optical Media in Megabytes?

We are writing a script to automate backup. We are using Acronis Backup 12.5. The program requests that you specify an optional split size in megabytes. I know that DVD (single layer) can hold 4.7GB. I could convert that to megabytes, however, I think that there are better recommendations for the size the optical media can hold. I am wondering if there is a chart or something that list the actual sizes Blu-ray, DVD, and CD can hold? I know for burning the size can be a little smaller than what the actual specification states. Any advice is very welcome. Thanks


CD: 702MB (there are also 800MB, 870MB, 900MB, but hard to get and not compatible to many Softwares and drives)

DVD+R: 4482MB
DVD-R: 4488MB
DVD+R DL: 8151MB
BD-R: 23093MB

I would recommend to burn not to the limit because of reliability

Super helpful. I learned the hard way not to burn to the limit with Blu-rays. I just figured the software (Nero) would have my back. But I was wrong. Do you know the limit for BD-R DL? Thanks so much.


BD-R DL 46566MB

But I´m not a friend of DL-media

Why… is it not as reliable as other media? I was thinking Blu-ray DL is good media for data backup. I am even interested in the 100GB and 128GB. Thanks

“DVD+R: 4482MB” is what I’ve seen with all that +R media.
But “DVD-R: 4488MB” is not the real limit, without overburning I have had many discs which reported max. 4492MB. :wink:
For real it’s even not MB but MiB.

Personally I never used BD-R DL because the costs are higher than SL-media, slower burning and less quality.

Same with DVD+R DL, but I do Software-Testing at work and had movies/data which need DL.

I paid for BD-R SL made by CMC 11,29€/25 pcs, that´s cheaper than the prices here for standard DVD+R DL, so BD-R SL is the best bang for buck at optical media.

But I have made the worst experience in longevity with some BD-R-media from Ritek, which was unreadable after 3,5 years. Never had such bad experience with DVD-media.


Can you show me this? All DVD-R I ever used have 4488,xxMB? I know long time ago BeAll said their media have higher capacity than the standard DVD-R, but never tried it. So I don´t know which capacity it reported or if overburning is necessary.

I´ve experimented also with DVD-overburning but I wouldn´t recommend it. Less drives can do that, mine (Plextor, Benq) only with +R, but most drives can´t read these media to the end, e.g. Pioneer (original and QSI-based)

4492MB was it for sure and I think it has been discussed in this forum earlier…
But I’ll try to find some of these discs.

even 3MiB more. :smiley:Real DVD5 capacity

You are the only one who see it :wink:

The answer from Dragemester looks similar to my experience.

CDSpeed show this


DVDIdentifier show 448,3MB with DVD-R, 4482,6MB with +R

About BeAll


Maybe it’s because that was with earlier DVD-R media (1x/2x & 1x-4x). Of course this only counts for WORM media. :wink:
But there was also the talk about DVD-R media with “expanded capacity” like it was with CD-R before (650MB usually to 700MB to 800MB to even more than 900MB, IIRC). See BeAll releases 4.85GB extended capacity DVD-R discs

If I remember it Ican take a look at some very old DVD-R-media like my Litetec 1x from Princo, but I doubt this capacity :disagree:

I remember first DVD-R have a capacity of 3,95GB, not sure if it only was for authoring.

CD-R-specs are different, not easy to compare with DVD R. Started somewhere with 580MB or something, 650MB was standard. First CD-R-writers need to support overburn to burn 700MB CD-R

Even after 870/900MB were released, most writers wasn´t able to recognize it directly (maybe also depending on media and software), so overburn to 99 Min or higher should be supported.

However, CD-R was always a bit differnet with capacity. I remember some 700MB CD-R with only 701MB, others with almost 703MB (without overburning). My CD-Rs 650MB started with 650,xMB (Mitsui), something with 654MB and 660MB (Gigastorage)

Didn´t see such differences with DVD-media

No one doubted the existence of 3.95 GB DVD-R media, I have some for General and even for Authoring!
“DVD-R for Authoring” is v1 and “DVD-R for General usage” is DVD-R Revision v2.
You can think what you want - but I saw these DVD-R with data capacity of 4495MB by myself and I have used them of course. First CD-R burners could only burn to CD-R and only 1x and/or 2x with these speed rated media. And you had no wide selection to choose from - I remember Philips and Kodak media, they were superb quality! That was in early 1997.

Started with 4x CD-R-media in 2000, so I don´t know those older media, but I believe you in this case :slight_smile:

Maybe those bigger DVD-R exist, but personally never seen it, and I had very much different DVD-media in my life :bigsmile:

Maybe some ancient members also know it, but I never saw this :givesmile:

Yeah, the “usual” DVD-R SL media we know only have a data capacity of 4489 MB (approx 4.38GiB).

But maybe some tools “calculate” the data capacity wrong using either CDFS or UDF, … different revisions?! Or is the capacity from within the MID??

I guess it´s in the MID. CDSpeed shows 4488MB on a blank disc, so the FS isn´t available