Optical drives won't play audio from DVDs



I built a PC for a customer that includes an NEC 2500 DVD burner and a Liteon LTC-4816H DVD/CD-RW.
I used an ABIT VT7 MoBo (VIA PT880 chipset) with a 3.0GHz HT CPU w/512MB Mushkin DDR PC3200.
Both optical drives play audio just fine from an Audio CD (MP3 or wav), or a DivX file.
Anytime I insert a DVD though, the audio won’t play. The audio won’t even play through DVD Shrink’s preview.
I’ve tried using audio cables or not. I’m using an ATA/66 IDE cable.

I contacted the ABIT newsgroups, and ABIT support, but my inquiries went unanswered.

Any suggestions.



Hi and welcome aboard!

What softare are you using to play the DVD movies with?


Power DVD 5.0


Play around with “controll panel” for PowerDVD.
I´m sure you will find a button to enable sound…can´t remember the symbol right now. :wink:

(Had the same problem first when I installed it on a Win2k partition.)


I wish it were the PowerDVD.
Audio from DVDs won’t play in Nero Show Time, or DVD Shrink, either.


Make sure your sound isn’t muted.


Thanks, but as I stated in my original post, Audio CDs & Video CDs play the audio tracks just fine.


I’m beginning to think that I haven’t missed anything as far as the setup of the drives is concerned.
This leads me to question whether the motherboard isn’t defective. Unfortunately, ABIT support hasn’t responded to me in a week.
I hate to send the mobo in for replacement, because it would mean down-time for my customer of at least 2 weeks.

One last thought.
Could Windows or the software or firmware (all upgraded) be missing some necessary codecs to play the audio tracks?



Have you tried unticking the audio trasnfer via IDE (presuming you are using XP)?
“Enable Digital Audio CD for this CD-ROM Device”

Also, Do both opticals not play the DVD with sound? or just one?


Try copying a track or two off the DVD to the Hard Drive.
Does it play fine off the Hard Drive?


this sounds like a codec problem for me, i had something similar month ago,
have you installed the divx codec pack or the elecard decoder package,
give it a try


I ripped an entire DVD to the hard drive. No Audio.
I don’t know what an Elecard Decoder package is. I installed the DivX codec, and /divX movies sound fine.
I haven’t tried unchecking “Enable Digital Audio CD for this CD-ROM Device” because the PC is at another location.


If it doesn’t play from the hard drive then for sure it looks like a codec/software problem.