Optical drives & the O/S

Why are just about optical drive units such a burden for the O/S? When one inserts any media into alomost any drive Windows seems to have the worse time with it. The system seems to freeze untill the O/S reconizes just what the media is. This hasen’t resally changed from 98EE thru ME and now 2k (and I’m sure with XP).
Other than the platter comming up to speed, why does the rest of the system become unresponsive until the media gets reconized? One would think that wouldn’t be a problem any more, but I surely don’t see any difference. :confused:

IMO, there are lots of better OS’ on the market beside from m$…

Dunno if you can blame MS. Thinks it’s because of the motherboard or maybe the drivers. Anyway it depends on what hardware setup you have.

I’ve heard that Intel motherboard doesn’t suffer from this.

(edit: and my intel-laptop doesn’t suffer from it (running XP))

Do you mean Intel Branded motherboards or just the chipset, instead of VIA for example.

We use P4s and intel chipset boards at work and they have this problem as well. It is frustrating to insert a CD and have to wait for the disc to be ‘mounted’. I assume during this time the OS (NT, 2K, XP) is trying to read the ISO-9660 and decide if it needs to ‘auto run’ the disc (even though we have auto run turned off). I would think that this could be done in the background and let the user continue doing what they wish.

I have P4, SIS645 chipset with Benq 1620 & LiteOn 52327S drives and it doesn’t do this - by the way I’m using XP. But at work, we have some Celeron 2000, XP, with Samsung 52x CDROM drive, everytime I insert CD, it appears to slow the PC. Personally I think it’s the drive - but I havn’t tried installing a different one in those machines so can’t confirm that.

It seems not only to be the drives fault - but it seems the change in state of the drive uses a lot of CPU time … maybe DMA or polling the drive’s status … or maybe a chipset specific thing because i notice on insertion the channel is “BUSY” - the status light indicates a solid active when detecting the disc - maybe that’s why?

I have a Athlon 2400 and a nVidia motherboard attacthed to a PCI-133 controller. I sometimes have this problem, but not often. It seems that when I put my DVD burner on the PCI controller, it solved 90% of it, now it only slows down for less than a second.