Optical drives in DVD recorders use a strange 40-pin ZIF connector and a miniature IDE power input?

I have noticed that the optical drives used in DVD recorders do not have a standard SATA or IDE connector. Instead, for data, a strange 40-pin ZIF connector is used (I could not find any useful information about it using web search), and for power, there is what seems to be a miniature version of the IDE power port (with the yellow 12 V wire, the red 5 V wire and two ground wires).

Does anyone know more of this strange connector?

The power connector is a 1.27mm IDC connector. The ZIF connector is just what it is – a standard ribbon ZIF socket.

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I see, but how come DVD recorder manufacturers did not use the same IDE and later SATA as desktop PCs do?

They do. The protocol is the same. They’re using IDE or SATA to communicate with the chip that’s handling I/O in these recorders. They just use non standard connector types for cost reduction. 40-pin IDE connectors cost more than an equivalent ribbon connector, and there’s no reason for them to use a SATA connector because they are not using a PC power supply.

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Ah, I see. Thanks.
I am currently figuring out how to connect a working desktop IDE drive to an 2004 DVD recorder (that uses the ZIF connector) for experimenting, because the laser lens of the existing DVD writer in the device has lost power and is no longer able to write DVDs reliably (and it does not detect CD-RW at all), and compensating it with the potentiometer makes CD-RW detectable again, but writing attempts (DVD-R/RW) get stuck in hiccup sounds.

If you had knowledge of KiCad, you could easily draw up a PCB for this and have it printed and sent from China for pennies on the dollar. Then all you’d need to do would be to solder in a male 40-pin 2.54mm IDC connector and run some hot air for the 40-pin ZIF female connector (with solder paste).

For the power, you’d have to come up with something… It’s also just a matter of re-routing the 5V 12V and ground from the 1.24mm IDC to a 4 pin molex connector. There would be several ways to go about this.

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