Optical drives help?

I’m looking to get 2 optical drives that will be used in a computer built for my sister, I like the Plextor PX-760A and PX-750A drives which I would relace with my 2 optical drives but until they are less expensive or come with rebates, I will pass on them, my 2 drives now are Plextors (PX-716AL and PX-740A) which I got them with rebates, so in the meantime, here are the less expensive non-Plextor drives that I’m considering, which 2 drives should I select:
1-Samsung SH-S182D
2-Samsung SH-S162A
3-Samsung SH-S162L
4-Lite-On SHM-165P6S
5-Lite-On SHM-165H6S
6-Pioneer DVR-111D
7-Sony DRU-820A

I would go with either one of the Lite-Ons and the Pioneer. And flash the Pioneer with The Dangerous Bros rpc free firmware for the 111L to enable the DVD-Ram and Labelflash capabilties.

I don’t want to dismiss jhtalismans suggestion of the Pioneer which is a very good drive, but I have just bought the new Samsung SHS182D for 32.99@Newegg and I absolutely love the drive. It has 18X SL speed and also 12XRAM. The drive performs as good if not better than the Plextor 760A I purchased fro 99.99. I am extermely pleased with this drive and I would not hesitate in buying another. Just my opinions.

what do you guys think about Plextor drives? I have the PX-712A, PX-740A, PX-716AL drives and have had no problems with them, so I know Plextor are good, I know their drives are expensive but I got all of them with rebates so the prices were reasonable and the PX-750A do have a $20 rebate with certain online dealers, so what gives then with Plextor drives?

Top suggestions from previous posters, I would also recommend the Pio 111 and the Samsung 182. Thumbs up!

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after reviewing and researching more information along with replies by members in here and other forums, I’ve decided on the Pioneer DVR-111D and the Lite-On SHM-165H6S drives, just don’t know if I will get the black or beige versions, thanks for the help in here