Optical Drive

Hi all,

I have this drive that used to work fine with “Nero”, but now, everytime i try to create a data disc it does not recognize the blank disc and continue requesting a recordable disc…

My computer is running XP and this is the optical drive:

I would really appreciate if you can help me out…

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried different brands and types of media, or just one type. Did the problem start after installing new software or updates? Have you tried doing a system restore back to an earlier time and see if it works?

Actually i had’n tried different brands and i haven’t install any new software, only the updates from microsoft.
Regarding the system restoration i don’t know how to do it but i will try with a different cd brand and I will let you know.

Thanks, really appreciated

I tried 3 different brands and same situation… How can i perform a system restoration or what else can i do?