Optical Drive Woes



I’ve tried 3 different DVD burners & couldn’t get any of them to function. I did the OS install with an ASUS DVD-E616P2, dvd-rom. That worked fine. Then I replaced it with a Pioneer 108 . I couldn’t get it to be recognized or get the tray to open. Next I tried the Plex 712 SATA, that was recognized & the tray would open, but it wouldn’t read or spin the discs. 3rd burner was the Benq DW1620. Got it recognized in BIOS & WXP sp2, but the led wouldn’t come on, nor would the tray open.

I tried different cables, different jumper settings, different power leads, reinstalled drivers, flashed back from 1003.007 to 1002 BIOS… :frowning:

Sooooo, the last thing I could think of was the psu. May not be but I’ll eliminate that possibility tomorrow when my PC & Power Cooling Turbo 510 arrives!

I rma’d all the optical drives & I’ve got the following burners to work with over Christmas break; once I get the new psu installed:

Benq DW1620
Plextor PX-712A
Plextor PX-712SA

My goal is to get 2, (ok maybe 3 ) of the above working. :bigsmile:

Any thoughts?


whatz ur IDE and SATA setup regarding Master/Slave arrangement ?
u did remember to set the jumper caps on each drive [optical and IDE HDD to the correct jumper setting ] and configured BIOS options to match ?


whatz ur IDE and SATA setup regarding Master/Slave arrangement

SATA does not have/need master/slave settings. It’s 1 drive per connection.

When IDE, I installed by itself. tried both master & cable select. Also tried several different ide cables. BIOS was set to AUTO.


Yeah the PSU sounds like the issue to me. What’s the wattage on your current unit? I recommend that you don’t install more devices into your machine if your PSU is already fully loaded. Very very bad things could happen resulting in damage to your hardware.


It’s an OCZ Powerstream 520, a very recommended unit. Maybe I got a bad one. I’m returning it & buying a PC Power & Cooling 510 Turbo. :bow:

That’ll elimante any power issues! :bigsmile:

(It was supposed to be here Thursday, but bad weather in the midwest region of the us of a, delayed delivery til the 27th. :sad: