Optical Drive Trays 'Cycling' Repeatedly

I am a ‘newbie’ to this forum so please let me know if any further information is required.
This problem applies to two different optical drives so please forgive my not being able to be ‘brand specific’.
I use the drives in both Win XP SP3 and Vista 32 Bit SP1.
One is connected via SATA, the other is PATA.

I have two optical drives.
The first is a Sony DRU-820A (firmware version 1.0C)
The second is a Optiarc AD-7200S (firmware version 1.0A)

Both drives have recently developed a habit of cycling the disc carrier tray repeatedly (and rapidly).
This does not seem to happen with every disc but it is far more often than I would like.
They will both still burn and read discs (once the tray finally stays in) after two or three attempts at getting the tray to stay in.
I sometimes have to use the ‘software’ eject tray button because the hardware external eject button seems ineffective.
I have contacted the main board manufacturer (ASUS) in case it was a BIOS problem but they said it was not.
Any suggestions where I should start with narrowing this problem down?


Sounds like you might have a power supply problem.

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Suggest reviewing the below Forum Read First sticky posting titled “Troubleshooting: Drive messed up? Check your PSU quality first!” ->



I do not have any reason to believe my PSU is faulty.

I suspect it may relate to the BIOS settings and the fact that my SATA drives are set to run as AHCI.