Optical Drive Not Recogized



:confused: I would appreciate any help on the problem I am having. It’s driving me round the bend!
HP 6061 laptop running Windows Vista 32 bit
The optical drive HP (LG) GSA -T20N will not function and is missing from device manager in fact there is no DVD/CD ROM category showing unless I install a virtual one using Daemon Tools as suggested on another forum as a means of getting the actual drive to show after checking for hardware changes. I have also tried the following: All other suggestions found on the internet including attempting to delete upper and lower filters (they do not exist in the particular registry entry ), update drivers, update BIOS, clear CMOS, factory reset from HDD- as I cannot access recovery discs due of course to the optical drive not working. A drive of the same model also fails to work although when connected both drives power lights flash, movement of the laser carriage can be heard then it stops.
I have found that both drives will open and close when in the BIOS set up but after windows loads everything stops and I am only able to open the drive(s) with a paper clip inserted into the hole. On closing the drive(s) again the light flashes, a couple of clicks can be heard which I assume id the laser moving then all falls silent and I am unable to open it again by pressing the button. Discs will not spin up in either drive. The BIOS does not show any drives at all so I cannot glean anything fro that. I have air cleaned the contacts on the laptop and drive also to no avail. Somebody has suggested this could this be a deep seated malware/virus problem? I am at a loss!


It could also be a hardware problem in the controller on the motherboard. Or an issue in the connector of the laptop, where the drive hooks up.

If the drives do not show up in the bios, there is very little hope. While in the bios, you are outside of the Windows operating system, so anything that might affect the drives, like registry settings, viruses or corrupted drivers simply don’t apply.

If you need an optical drive for this laptop, my advice is to buy an external drive that connects via usb. Get one that has its own power supply and does not get power from the usb cable. For example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106338


Thank you. It may well be a hardware problem relating to the connector or mobo. controller. I understand what you say about being outside the operating system when in BIOS but the BIOS information on this laptop shows very limited information ie. no drives at all including the HDD and I can see no way to access any more. The fact that the drive(s) sees to power up at BIOS level (light on/laser movement) indicated that something is connected at that point. It is only when in OS that the problem manifests itself. This problem seems extensively reported on various search engines in relation to laptops and wth regard to this particular optical drive!


If you want to test it outside the Windows operating system in another way, you should use another computer to download and burn a live Linux cd. This will operate in memory and not disturb your existing Windows installation in the slightest. If the drive will function properly in Linux, you don’t have a hardware issue.

I suggest using Ubuntu for this, as it is friendly to newcomers. It is of course, free to download and use.

Just put it in the drive and reboot. If the bios is set up to boot from an optical drive first, it should boot into Ubuntu, provided the drive is working at all.


On computers I’ve repaired the drive not being seen in windows is one problem
And my usual test for this is going into setup selecting the optical drive as first in the boot order, then shutting down and cold starting with a windows installation disc if the disc spins up and the installer starts the drive and controller are good and the OS on the HDD or the HDD itself is screwed.

(this ignores potential cable issues which only apply to desktops)

Yes, you can play around with drivers and the device manager, but generally anything other than a fresh hard drive and a clean install of the windows OS of your choice will have you doing it again
(multiple times) until you finally stop circle jerking yourself and start from a clean slate.

If the drive isn’t being seen in BIOS it’s an entirely different problem
and the choices are very limited.

A) the drive itself is dead (try the drive in another notebook)
B) the drive controller is screwed (verify by testing the drive in
another notebook)

If there are any other options I’ve never heard of them.



Thank you both for your fast response. I must say having tried and tested your suggestions as far as I can at this time it is looking more and more like a hardware issue. BIOS not “seeing” optical drive to boot from and Linux Ubuntu disc will not spin up on either original drive or the one I bought to replace it (said to be In GWO but can’t be sure as it was previously used). I don’t want to get a new one as this could be waste of money. I now have the light on either drive when booting and when I close and open the tray which now works when I press the button. I had prior to this uninstalled Cyberlink DVD suite and an HP app before which I could do neither of these things. Obviously power there but until I can lay hands on a compatible laptop to test the drives in I feel that I can proceed no further.
I will report back on here eventually…:iagree:


These Optical Drives are easy to replace on Laptops now. I looked yours up on the HP Web Site, and you just take out one screw on the bottom and the Drive slides out. Make sure you follow the instructions, everything has to be disconnected, Battery out, Power Cord out, and Power off. Get a replacement Drive on eBay for $35, and you are back in business if your MB and Controller are okay. If it is a bad Drive you must be doing some Video Burning with your Laptop, like I said before you need a good Desktop for serious Video work. :cool:


^[B]alchav21[/B] if you read his first post carefully, you’ll see that he has already got an identical, second drive which he has been testing to no avail.


:rolleyes: Thank you Kerry 56 for replying to alchav21 saved me the trouble… serious video burning? No its not even my machine just one I am trying to repair for a relative to sell on so I don’t have a clue what has been done with it in the past but certaiunly not that!


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2612150]^[B]alchav21[/B] if you read his first post carefully, you’ll see that he has already got an identical, second drive which he has been testing to no avail.[/QUOTE]

I missed that, and it looks like he did a System Restore too. This all points to the MB, and that is more complicated. I work on Laptops, but there are very few good Techs outside of the Manufacturers that work on them. To change out a MB on a Laptop you need a lot of patience and experience with good instructions. So either send it back to HP or find yourself a good Tech. :cool:


I have tested both the original optical drive and the replacement drive in another laptop and they BOTH work fine.
I also fitted a known working drive into the problem machine and it was not recognised. Therefore it seems that I have a fault within the laptop which is beyond my ability to correct. It is probably beyond economical repair. :sad:Ah well! Thanks for all the advice and help on this.