Optical drive industry could spawn UK nuclear power plants

I just posted the article Optical drive industry could spawn UK nuclear power plants.

 The British  have become quite fond of flat plasma displays it seems and it's no wonder.  Once you see the size and picture quality  possible with a good DVD player  and a 42 or 50 inch...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12206-Optical-drive-industry-could-spawn-UK-nuclear-power-plants.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12206-Optical-drive-industry-could-spawn-UK-nuclear-power-plants.html)

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As long Homer Simpson doesn’t operate these plants I think there is nothing wrong with some additional nuclear power!

Well in which case they should stop talking and start building! More nuclear power stations now please!

what will the iranians say;)

If it comes to making a choice between nuclear waste or my UK friends being able to watch Hollywood’s finest stars or witness football complete with head butts @ 1080p in the comfort of their homes, then the choice is clear… more fission reactors now! Why wait for the “fallout” so to speak, of upset customers with huge screens and yet nowhere to plug them in? Imagine if one day, 50% of all British homes could simultaneously be heard blaring: “GOoooaaaalllll” through millions of powerful HTPC loudspeaker systems - powered by good, clean, cheap and safe nuclear fuels! :X

My home is 14 miles from one of Scotland’s largest Nuclear power plants. and 9 miles from an aging coal fired power plant, which spews out tons of dirty smoke day in day out. As long as there is no disasters at the nuclear power plant, i know which one i prefer. :slight_smile:

I had no idea. Thanks for the notice. Look at this: PIONEER Plasma PDP614MX SPECIFICATIONS - (PDP-614MX) Effective Screen Size (W x H) 53-3/16" x 29-29/32" (61 inch diagonal) Dimensions (W x H x D) 57-7/8" x 34-21/32" x 4-11/16" Power Consumption 540W (0.9W stand by) Pioneer Plasma PDP-505XDE Diagonal Screen Size 50-inch/127 cm Dimensions (W x H x D) 1270 x 737 x 93 mm Power Consumption (In use / Standby) 352 Watt / 0.4 Watt So the 61" uses 540 watts and the 50" uses 352 watts. A comparable LCD TV is the Samsung LN-S4692D - LCD TV - 46". Its operational power consumption is 330 Watts. Philips 51PP9910 51" HD Widescreen TV Consumption : 220W (Typical) The Panasonic PT61LCX65 (PT-61LCX65) 61" 16:9 LCD Projection TV: Power Consumption 180W Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 40.51" x 56.06" x 18.43" So the new LCDs and plasmas are about even in being very power hungry. Not a good sign for the environment. They probably also get very hot so you can count on them heating your home as well. Older technology and the lcd projection tv are easier on the pocketbook when it comes to powering them. A definite thing to considering when buying a bigger television.

I’ve just bought a 37" Panasonic plasma to replace a 28" CRT Hitachi. There is only 20 watts difference in power consumption between them. I don’t see where this scare mongering is coming from? As for larger HDD in pvr’s using more power the extra is negligible. Is he saying that if every one was to switch on an extra 60 watt light bulb that the UK would grind to a halt! I know it’s not April so is he just having a laugh with us? :slight_smile:

More global warming for us…