Optical Drive IDE Controllers Compatibility Thread

Added a generic IT8212 card to my new rig, used the latest card firmware and drivers from the ITE website. Setup is working fine so far.

S3 sleep and resume still works fine but resume times are now rather prolonged.

S3 resume times are definitely prolonged from the usual 5s to 30s or longer, looks like a possible driver issue. Jmicron had this issue but they fixed it in one of their later driver revisions,

Wonder if ITE would ever get around to fixing theirs since the latest from their webbie is dated 9/2007.

Am I reading this right, SIL 680 PCI P-ATA cards will work FULLY with Windows Vista 64-bit using the linked SIL drivers, without fragmenting the memory space and removing a chunk of usable memory?

I have a SIL 680 and I’m moving to Vista 64-bit for memory reasons, so this issue is of particular interest to me.

BTW, to all you who’ve tried Highpoint or Promise controllers with optical drives: don’t. Will not work properly (for all functions). SIL CMD680 is really the only properly working choice in town and has been for years (excl. Intel/AMD chipset integrated controllers).

Hi :slight_smile:
I have/am using SiliconIamge from the 3114 to the 0680.
This has/is with XP Pro (32 bit) & Vista Ultimate (32/64 bit).
I have had no troubles whatsoever. Be it with Raid/Non-raid HDD’s or Optical drives.
Their flashable bios/drivers make for the best/most adaptable cards around.
MS has updated the drivers for the whole range only just recently (this month IIRC).


I need to buy a card in the next week and was wondering if anyone
has any new knowledge on compatabity or has tried any of the IDE
adapters that are out there.
I’m building a small 6 burner machine with an ASUS pro motherboard
and running 32 bit VISTA
all enlightenment is always appreciated!:cool:

I’m reporting back on what worked
I installed the"Rosewill RC-208" and it works on 64-bit Ultimate
play the disc and download the new drivers B4 installation