Optical Drive Does not Read Discs Properly

Ok, I’ve got a relatively new Gateway computer, with a DVD-R/RW (E:) drive. This past week or so, it has been failing to write data to blank CDs. Just this week, it has even failed to properly read media from discs, and whenever I insert a game disc or similar, it treats it as a blank CD.

I know it isn’t the drive hardware; I just replaced it today.

Any suggestions?

Hi and Welcome!

if replacing the drive did not help, then there is an issue with your Windows installation. Consider reinstalling Windows. But before, try to remember, what piece of Software has been installed recently.
In addition you may try to put your system to an earlier state using system restore.


Thank you for your help, I will try that as soon as I can.

I seem to be having a similiar problem. I also seem to be getting a lot of errors saying that the discs are corrupted even though they worked fine on my old computer. I have a New dell computer with a dvd-rom drive and dvd±rw and i’m getting the problems on both drives. Is it possible that either drive has corrupted the data on the cd? somtimes i can access the data if i get lucky and it will show up. If not it shows up as a blank cd-r?A full cd of data shows up as blank media in both optical drives. can anyone provide further assistance please. I have only experienced this with a CD-R full of music files that i burned off my old computer to use as backup… I dont know if the drive is actually wiping the data, or corrupting it. Will a reinstall of windows solve the problem? any ideas. Thanks,