Optical Drive Conflict IDE Channel

Did anyone ever have a conflict putting a BenQ drive on the same onboard ide channel as an NEC or an LG. I seem to be having a problem with these particular drives. When I put two BenQ drives (1640,1650,1655) on the same ide channell they are fine. But when I replace one of them with my LG 4163 which I put as master with the BenQ as slave I have a problem, the LG burns at 6X with a big flucuation in the write speeds, same when I put a Nec 3520 or 3540 on the same channell with the BenQs (any of them). Two BenQs work fine together. The LG and the NEC also conflict. Is this a known problem? Remember these are onboard IDE channells, not addon cards.

Hi alan. Never ran into that problem, mainly because I dont have an LG 4163. Have you tried uninstalling that IDE channel and letting the drives reinstall on reboot? This procedure has been known to fix issues like yours.:slight_smile:

Hi crossq: Yes I have, but I have never done the uninstall directly after an install only after changing firmware. I will try it thanks.

It’s a trial and error game to find a suitable combination/setup.

Hi alan. I have both a 1650 and 4163b on the same ide line with the 1650 as master.
I have had no problems with this set up but have only used X8 media todate.

At 8X there are no problems, its when you are burning at 12X or 16X that all heck breaks loose. It gets to about 9X and dies from there. But as I said the two BenQs together work fine, but as soon as you take 1 Benq and 1 LG or NEC on the same channel neither one works right. I am going to see if the LG and the NEC will work on a channel without the BenQs.