Optical Drive Cannot Burn DVD

This is regarding the NEC DVD-+RW 6500A optical drive in my laptop. According to the model number it is supposed to be able to burn DVD but it cannot. So I thought maybe I have an older version driver on it. I went to Dell Support to look for the latest. I can’t find a driver instead I found a firmware. So I downloaded the firmware appropriate for it and as soon as I installed it I was able to burn DVD on my laptop. :smiley:
I just thought I have to share this.

Ha ha, I really doubt that your drive wasnt able to burn DVD before your firmware update.

100% sure.

Maybe you are using some discs not correctly supported by the old firmware, so after the update your media are now correctly supported and the drive now “works”.

Just my guess :slight_smile:

I believe ‘chef’ and ‘geno888’ are correct. Maybe I wasn’t really able to explore other possibilities of the problem. All I stated was what my novice mind saw in the situation. Thanks guys for your inputs. I certainly learned new insights
from them.

The initial problem could be either media related (unsupported brand) or driver side (bugged driver).

Its fixed, so its good.