Optiarc vs. BENQ DW1620 - Different Scan Results



Hello All,

I’m curious as to the results of quality scanning from an Optiarc 7240 vs. that of a BenQ DW1620 (B7W9).

I have a DVD that I burned, that I scanned with both drives.

While the general look is about the same for the PIF chart, (including average and total PIF are about the same), the PIE is about 2-4times more when scanning with the BenQ drive.

The average PIE when scanned with the Optiarc will be around 10, where the BENQ may show around 50-60.

I’m scanning at 5x with the Optiarc and at 8X with the BenQ.

Having done a little research, I’ve seen that the BenQ drives are excellent scanners (such as the 1640), but haven’t seen much about the 1620.

I’ve also read that the Optiarc is a decent scanner at 5x. Now I know the Lite-Ons are the best, but I don’t have one.

Which of these drives should I be trusting? My newer, and shinier Optiarc, or my older 1620?



Attached Optiarc Scan. I don’t have the BenQ scan on hand, but the average PIE is higher and increases as the scan continues.


1620’s were good scanners and can do jitter readings as well. I used mine for years as a scanner, till I basically gave up quality scanning as a hobby.


so should I take the average PIE reading from my BenQ of 60 as more accurate than the 20s by the Optiarc?


I would believe the BENQ scan a lot more than I would the Optiarc. :iagree:


Sounds good to me!

Thanks guys :smiley: