Optiarc of Matsushita drive for XPS M1530?

I am having to decide between an Optiarc and a Matshita slot drive for my XPS M1530.
The Optiarc is considerably louder, but quality is what will matter most!
I don’t usually play many DVDs but still.
What do you think?

@ Riton,

Some ‘Facts’ to consider concerning Panasonic/Matsushita/Matshita Drives ->

Panasonic/Matsushita/Matshita Drives have a well-documented history of being extremely “Media” picky.

Matshita/Matsushita/Panasonic Region Free (RPC-1) Firmwares are not available and also all “Software Solutions” alternatives are also unable to circumvent Matshita/Matsushita/Panasonic Region Code prohibitions.

Most Matshita/Matsushita/Panasonic Drive owners are disappointed in the performance of their Matshita/Matsushita/Panasonic Drives.

Considering the above ‘Facts’ in seeing that you have choice between a Matshita Drive and an Optiarc Drive I believe the Optiarc Drive would be a better choice.


wow that’s a pretty awesome answer!
Anybody else have any opinion about that?
What about the noise levels?

Paired with what bjkg said above:

This may not hold true for the super-slim slot-loading drive you’re looking at, but the latest “normal” slim Optiarc has pretty amazing writing quality for what it is. It appears to not be very picky whatsoever [still in comparison to other slim writers], and I feel that [from the few Optiarc slim drives I’ve encountered] the noise would more than justify the overall performance of the drive, and is worth it. I’d highly suggest getting it. :iagree:

If the same holds true for the super-slim/slot loading drive, I’d definitely say get it.

i have no opinion of slim type drives, as i only have desktops. :bigsmile:

many, many users, complain of matSHITa drives. :doh:

if i would buy a slim drive? it would not a matSHITa. :cool:

please review the following matSHITa/MatsuSHITa notebook links
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Matsushita+notebook+forums&btnG=Search :rolleyes:

and a cdfreaks search

again, i can not validate the above opinions, just from reading negative posts, this seems a drive to stay away from. :iagree:

get a optiarc…less trouble than Matshita…