Optiarc/NEC 7633-A Cant change the chanel

Hello from spain.

I have a NEC Optiarc 7633-A.
I can’t connect it to my laptop, reading this forum I found the problem.
I send a mail to the technical service of Nec, they send me a software to change the unity to master/slave.

But it don’t works, give me a error.

¿Can U help me :bow: ? I’m going crazy :sad:

You can see that the drive it’s correctly detected and its working in mi computer, but the laptop don’t like it.

I send a mail to the technical service by my side.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello, the technical service give me the solution:

<a href=“ed2k://|file|Optiarc_G63x_ATAChange_Tool.zip|24040|56A72CD9D7B24B55A9904AB764D3E0C6|/”>Optiarc_G63x_ATAChange_Tool.zip</a>