Optiarc ND3570A reads-Won't Write

I have a Dell computer running Windows XP and a Optiarc ND3570A . It worked fine for about 2 years. Now I go to burn a DVD and the software says no drive selected or something about insert dvd.

I am using DVD’s I have always used. Here is what I have tried so far:
I have tried several different DVDs.
I have tried deleting it from device manager and restarting.
I have deleted from registry the upper & lower filters.

It is in device manager with no exclamation points. When I put a dvd/cd in I can read the drive. I just can’t burn. Did not install any new CD/DVD software.

What can I try?


Install a proper burnin app!

Hey Chef, last time I checked you had never been in my house. So how would you know if I did or did not have proper burning software? Just so happens I have 3 different ones and they all gave me the same problem.

So, next time instead of giving such a stupid answer, why don’t you just try saying nothing at all.

[QUOTE=davidwilp;2063888]So, next time instead of giving such a stupid answer, why don’t you just try saying nothing at all.[/QUOTE]
Why didn’t you give a little more detailed information about your setup in your first post then?

How could we guess that you have 3 burning applications installed. Maybe you would have better listed them because it already happened that having more than one burning application caused problems.

Sounds like you may need to Flash your writers Firmware. I’ve had the same probs with 2 old Writers over the years, and also had it with the Optiarc 16x DVD-Writer, where it will burn DVD’s but refuse to Read or Write CD’s.
I’ve had no problems whatsoever flashing are restoring the drives read/write functions before, but be aware, that it can go wrong and totally screw up the drives ability to read or write any blank media, but hey it’s screwed anyway, and even if it was under guarantee, NEC Engineers will only use the same method to repair your drive, and if they screw it up, then you’ll more then likely get a 2nd hand refurbished replica drive, so you’ve nothing to loose really :).

Below is the direct download link for the ND-3570a Firmware upgrade. Read through the Text before you decided on what to do.


Good Luck