Optiarc gone boop

It seams that the Optiarc is having problems like mine. My Optiarc will not read DVD-ROMS , for my games, but in the other hand it will play DVD movies, cd’s , game cd’s , no problem in burning all 4 medias, but it will not install the DVD-ROM style disks. I replaced the drive with a other, and it started to do the same thing.
What can I do, I don’t want to flash the drives, the one I replaced was a working one from a second puter I have. Is it software, or is it somewhere the files that was changed.

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so anything works fine apart from some game discs?
This would rather indicate a software problem (perhaps some rogue copy protection software) than an issue with your hardware.


Thank-You, micahel,

I, got it to load somewhat. It loads the " Games for Windows ‘’ (imagine that!), nothing after that. This rig is a complete custom made, I built it a year ago, never had a problem with it until now.
It has two hard drives that I boot into either Xp pro 64, to Win 7 x64, with a third one as storage. If your wondering, I use the XP for gaming, while the Win 7 is for music and video editing. If it is a rogue copy protection software, how do I disable it. I really hate to reinstall both windows. Thanks again.


Have you attempted to install these games on both systems?
If not, then we can certainly rule out the evil copy protection.

Another thought (if its is only the game discs): Perhaps these games are not compatible with 64bit Windows (and the amount of RAM you have installed).

Perhaps you can do some more experiments to find out what works, and what does not work in order to narrow down the problem.

Additional test:
Are you able to copy the content of such a DVD to a folder on the HDD?

Another possible source of trouble could be a compatibility issue with the sata controller that is used. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your storage controllers installed. My personal preference would be to have the Sata ports used by the optical drives configured as “IDE” and using MS default drivers. But this is often not an option “for everyone”.

But you could try another Sata cable and switching the drive to another Sata port (perhaps there is even a remark in the motherboard manual (like “Sata 5 and 6 are for ODD”) about that).


Remember, a drive that can burn DVD must also be able to read DVD.
There is no exception.

So the problem is more likely your “Game DVDs”, not the drive itself!