Optiarc for scanning?



Mostly I use a Liteon for scanning, but there´s an problem with media which was burned by some of my writers.

Sometimes the Liteon or other MTK-bases chipsets show high PIF-spikes which media burned by a Renesas-based drive, like the Pioneer DVR-217 or Optiarc AD-7173

Benq-drives and 7283S don´t show these spikes

Are the latest Optiarc-drives (720x, 5260, 7240) also OK for scanning?


If you are scanning CD’s yes, for DVD’s no, i would prefer to look at the Transfer rate test the burn quality and see if there are any slowdowns.
If i have the option I would still go for liteon/benq or plextor for DVD scanning. I also remember (not 100% sure about it) that the 7173 had some spike issues but all the dvd’s that i burned worked just fine.


The problme with the transfer rate is it is only a good test for the end of the disc and shows only very hard problem at the first GBs of DVD

Some burners with Renesas-chipsets produce crazy PIF-spikes if you scan it with a MTK-based drive, but not with Benq or Renesas-Optiarcs


Compare with different scanners, burned with Pioneer 217

AFAIR the spikes in the Liteon-scan are not always on the same position if I scan again. Crazy jitter-jumps with the Benq


Well, from my experience optrarc drives were never that good for DVD scanning, much better for TRT and CD scanning, I would personally avoid them for DVD scanning.
If you can use the Benq or the liteon, also do a TRT, if the TRT is fine then most of the time your burn should be OK, with the exception of princo and those 8x ritek dvd’s.

The Fujifilm dvd looks descent, and should not have any playback or dead issues.


Thank you for tipps :slight_smile:
I will stay with Liteon and Benq for scan and make transfer-tests for burns with the nasty PIF-spikes