Optiarc, dvd-rw

Hi Guys, can you tell me what the difference is between 2 dvd-rw.
AD-7530-A & AD-7530B, the dvd in my laptop has spat the dumbie, the one I took out is the AD-7530B but all I can see is the AD-7530A .

My laptop is a compaq presario C710TU, and running Vista.

thanks for your help

What firmwares do both drives have? Check it on the sticker on top of the drive.

[QUOTE=chef;2573724]What firmwares do both drives have? Check it on the sticker on top of the drive.[/QUOTE]

I don’t have a clue , what do I look for,
All I can see on mine sticker is AD-7530B-H2. version:11,
and down lower there is .F/W:NH02-C.

I not the brightest candle on the cake when it comes to computers and jargon.
i will need your help with this one.

Okay, and the new one doesnt work or what is your concern with it?

G/Day chef,

I guess I did’nt make myself very clear, my dvd driver is broken, the number on the the device is AD-7530[B]B[/B].
When I did a search for a replacement dvd, (and not knowing what to look for), all I could find were dvd with numbers–AD-7530[B]A,[/B] I still have to buy a dvd device for my laptop.
So would like to know what is the difference between the A and B , and would it make any difference putting A into my laptop?.

would any device fit in or do I have to get the same

This depends on whether the AD-7530A/B is a PATA or SATA drive. In case of SATA, any drive of the same size should fit. In case it’s PATA, you might need to change between master and slave (or cable select and inverse cable select)