Optiarc Dvd RW AD-7580S dvd detection issue




I was burning some dvds with Optiarc Dvd RW AD-7580S and sometimes it did not recognise empty disc right away. So I decided to upgrade firmware.
I upgraded it with 06 version and restarted computer. And frot then on it does not read contents of cds or dvd which i insert into drive. I really need to formal pc and set new os, because of virus and i cant since it does not recognise dvd,… and i dont want to use usb yet.

I appreciate any help.

I use lenovo n500 notebook and windows vista OS.

I didnt find any older firmware versions,… only that 06 one which doesnt recognise dvds,…

Again thank you!!


Does booting from bootable CDs and DVDs work flawlessly?


No it doesnt work and it doesnt recognise the cd/dvd. Before the firmware upgrade bootable dvd worked with no problems.


Been trying all sorts of things, doesnt work,…

What if I remove hard drive and insert it in another laptop, different lets say Hp, install Windows there and change hard drive again to Lenovo? I need dvd rom just for installing,… Will it work?


Hey Alex,

have you solved your problem?

I have the same Notebook with exact the same drive. I’ve searched a long time for a firmware update, but Lenovo has made a great job at just supporting their high-cost products.

However, the firmware which you flashed is from Dell and therefor it’s not working with your drive.
The only solution is to install Vista from USB flash drive. It should work without problems.
If you try your suggestion to install it on another machine and put the drive back, it won’t work.

Don’t waste time with your drive because until now there is no solution to fix it. You must wait until someone who has exact the same drive (maybe I) creates a firmware dump.
But for now it’s impossible.
I’m working on a solution for this and if I get a dump I will release it.


Get an external one to boot and install from it…