Optiarc DVD RW AD-7560A ATA DEVICE will not work

I have a HP DV6000 entertainment pc. I have the same problem other people have posted. I have done every troubleshooting method. My laptop say’s my drive is still there,but is not recognized. I was surprised when I took the drive out,that it was not connected to anything (per say like a desktop). The drive does not show in device manager and when I went to delete the filters,the only one that was showing was the lower not the upper. I am just trying to fiqure out if I really need to replace the drive (I found one on e-bay for a $18.00). Looking at the back,I can see it was manufactured in 2008,so I don’t know if that’s about how long they last. If I hook up a external,it works fine. If I do try to replace it,should I just go off the AD-7560A or the number for the hp replacement part:448084-001/7F0844? I did upgrade to win7 a few years ago,and it was working fine.

I checked the BIOS and it showed it was still there. When I went to device manger and it does not show. I checked the filters on the registry and only the lower (not upper was showing) and I deleted the lower. I ran fix-it and it did not fix it or show that the drive needed to be fixed.

I also went through the steps that were in (the Microsoft article) steps 1-4 ( I could not do 5 as stated before), and still nothing.

Buy a new drive.