Optiarc dvd rw ad-7530a

what do i need to do to make this drive reconise 800mb cdr discs.


You mean 700MB CD-R’s right? Welcome to the forum, try unistalling the drive in the device manager, unistalling the driver to this device often corrects these pesky little problems! Good Luck. :smiley:

cheers for response, but i’m right when i mean 800 or 900 mb cdr blank discs.

Why shouldnt the burner not recognize them? Who says that?

Open Nero cd dvd speed and view the disc info, post the info here.

using roxio but, disc info is.

model - ad7530a
firmware - eh31
supported media - all

disc - CD-R, blank media
tracks - 0
free space - 702.8 mb
used space - 0 mb

here lies the problem as the disc is 800mb


In Nero, you must enable “overburning for CD” in the settings first.

Dunno how that is in Roxio.