Optiarc DVD RW AD-7190A 1.01



Hi does any one know why this burner will not write on a CD R? It says it needs a RW cd could this be true or is there something I can do to make it burn CDR’s? Thanks so much


Hi ohphil2, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To find out why your drive is having problems burning to a CDR, we’ll need a little more info:

  1. What burning software you’re using (and your operating system)
  2. Any error messages you get when you attempt to burn
  3. Brand of discs and speed that you’re attempting to burn at

Does the drive read burned or pressed CD media OK?

Last but not least, do you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools, or any other virtual drive/emulation software on your PC? If so, please don’t uninstall them, just list which ones you have installed, as there may be a settings change that will fix it. :slight_smile:


:bow:Arachne-Hi thanks for replying, I use Nero 7 Suite Nero Burning ROM
My Operating system is XP service Pk 3
I use MAM-A CD-R 80min Silver 11066 1 38.10
Surface No Logo Silver
Digital Audio Disc 50 from Data media store (always work on old dvd /cd Drive)

The error message is " This disc is not writable.
Please insert a writable disc
Disc required for the compilation CD-R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: CD-R
The drive reads and plays cd’s dvd’s and burns dvd’s I have pleanty of discs that I have burned and they play just fine
As far as Virtual devices only the Nero one that came with the Nero suite and I have never used it
Thanks again I hope you can help


I think the first thing I would try would be to use a different burning program and see if you get the same type of error, or if this is just an issue within Nero.

Download ImgBurn, www.imgburn.com
Install it and try a simple data burn to a cd. It is pretty straightforward, but if you need a guide let us know. ImgBurn and Nero can coexist without problems on the same system if you are concerned.


Hi Kerry and Thank you, No the the very nice program that you recommended (ImgBurn) did not burn either,the log said " can not format medium… incomputable medium Now I have used these cd’s to burn for the last ten years or so I think it must be the burner, even though it will burn DVDs I cannot find any drivers for it and the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7190A 1.01 web site says it does burn CD-Rs so I don’t have a clue at this point:Z


You don’t need to update drivers for an optical drive. They are contained within the operating system.

Ok, the next test is to try a different brand of cds. Just to see if it will burn a cd. DVD burners have two separate lasers for burning…one for dvds, one for cds. They operate at different frequencies. If the cd laser is dying, and won’t function properly and it is possible for the drive to burn dvds just fine, but not cds.

You might look for an update for the firmware in your drive. The current one is 1.01. After poking around a bit, I’ve found out that your Optiarc is actually a re-badged Lite-On drive, the DH-20A3P.

If you are interested, you might ask in our Lite-on forum how to crossflash the drive with Lite-on firmware.


Ok I feel a little stupid here but thanks to Kerry who turned me on to IMGBURN this great free-ware software suggested I see if there was a firmware update and directed me to a firmware site where I downloaded the current Firmware from 1.01 to1.05 and away we go. all systems go. Thank you Kerry and thank you Arachne It is rare when help comes so quickly Peaceout


Good to hear Philip. Glad you got it working.

ImgBurn has so many different tools, I sometimes forget about some that might be helpful. I’ll remember to suggest its built in capability to search for firmware the next time round. :slight_smile:


Hi Philip :slight_smile:

Glad you and Kerry got it sorted :clap: