Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A wont read DVD's

Hello, I am giving this one last valiant effort B-4 I reformat Vista (which would suck if the drive is bad). I have a newer system and used laplink PC mover to transfer programs and files from XP to new vista machine, i did not use the DVD RW "Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A " for a while after so I cant say for sure if that is where the problem lies, However for a while I could read and play CD’s but not DVD’s it would just act like it was working and freeze my system until I ejected the DVD. I have uninstalled all burning software and anything that remotely tied into the burner I removed upper and lower filters, and also tried the MS hotfix patch KB13%$…whatever the number was and nothing. I am pretty certain that the laplink software carried over .dll files and other registry configuration file that is possibly confusing the already unstabe vista.
Also not sure about this, under hardware properties it is listed as a SCSi CDrom device. Does any one have any knowledge with anything like this? is there a way to reconfigure the registry to the correct values, or is my burner just Kaput…dead…fried

Thanks in advance!