Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A not recognised and will not burn dvd+RW



Hmm, where to start? I’ve been going round in circles with this and any help would be much appreciated.

Originally I was getting an error when trying to burn to a DVD+RW using Nero (text Log attached).

I have since moved my two hard drives from the physical sockets controlled by Gigabyte SATA2 (of which there are two on the motherboard) to the ones controlled by ICH8R (of which there are 6 on the motherboard) as DMA was ‘not applicable’ and now I have Ultra DMA mode 5 on both.

Now I have an issue with the DVD drive being not recognised by Nero or other pieces of software, although Windows and DISC Info can see it:

Also attached is the text output (Split into 2) from using Nero Infotool.

The only thing I can think of which may have changed Nero from giving me an error message, to not recognising the drive at all, is the different physical sockets for the hard drives.

If you need more info or have any suggestions, please get on your keyboards.

Please, anyone (collapses in a mess of tears and sobs of frustration)…


CdRomPeripheral : Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A 1-01 [B]JRAID[/B] Port 4 ID 2 DMA: Off

This drive is connected to an RAID controller??


Good question. In short -dunno. It’s connected to the only place it can be on the motherboard. And I haven’t installed RAID drivers.

I don’t get it either.


Hello, FlatAntti’s brother here.

His motherboard is one of the new Intel 965-based ones that have a separate controller for IDE and RAID. I think it uses a JMicron controller that provides one IDE port (two channels) and a couple of extra SATA ports. You can configure it to allow RAID but his isn’t set up for that.

In short - no, it’s not really on a RAID controller but it is on a controller that can be configured for RAID. It’s a Gigabyte 965P-DS4 motherboard, very common for Core 2 Duo systems.



JMicron… search for some threads about it, it mostly gives issues with odd drives.