Optiarc Dvd Rw 7173a

I had no trouble fitting the item and was able to copy data to DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and CD-RW disks. However, my PC works normally until a disk is inserted which brings the PC to a grinding halt efforts to close windows and/or Windows Task Manager proved impossible and I was only able to shut the PC down with the on/off button on the front of the PC. Rebooting brought the PC back to working order.DVD-RAM , DVD-RW & CD-RW will when inserted will show all folders etc. but I cannot open them neither can I copy & paste to them. The PC then freezes. But I can play CD-R audio. I have tried to see if the item is on the Hardware Compatibility List, no joy. And the Device manager shows the Device working properly.

I should be grateful for any advice as I cannot now back up my work.

Are you using WinOnCD / Easy Media Creator 8? If so, you may find this link helpful:

Greetings from Germany,

alphap3nis :wink: