Optiarc DVD Drive burn error

Recently, I startrd to experience problems with my DVD drive,Optiarc DVD RW AD 7200A. After buring I get read errors. Can’t read from some parts of the disc. I tried burning various files, such as DVD files, data, etc. always with the same result. I tried using Nero, and then Imgburn, but no success. What can be wrong? Can it be that my drive has gone bad? Or has it got something to do with its driver? Will updating it help? If so, how can I update it? Any help is appreciated.

The 7200a is an IDE interface drive and the drivers are found within the operating system. There is no need to update the drivers, as you won’t find better ones.

You can look for updated firmware for the drive. Use ImgBurn, Tools–>Drive–>Look for Firmware Update.

You don’t mention the type of disks you are using or the burning speed you have used. Either of those could be the culprit. If you are using mediocre media, try burning at 8x.

If you can find them, use Verbatim disks with the AZO designation on the label of the cakebox…not their newer Life Series.

I use Sony DVDs.And drive speed (I think) is 18x. i updated firmware but there is no improvement. Can the drive itself be faulty? What is to be done?

I agree w/ Kerry56.

I haven’t seen any 18x DVDs but I haven’t looked either. I have had those issues when burning at a very fast speed (16x) w/ lower-quality media or when my PC is buy (not enough ram etc.).

First thing I would try is see if there’s a difference in writing at a slower speed (8x) and if there’s no errors then it’s the media speed. Sony DVDs vary in quality from my experince, don’t think they actually make the media but I am not a media expert.

My mistake. I used 16x and not 18x. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try a slower speed.

Tried again. This time with Nero, at 8x speed. Everything went fine. No problems.