Optiarc DVD Burner ad-5170a drivers

Does anyone know where I might find Optiarc DVD Burner ad-5170a drivers? :confused: I didnā€™t get any when I bought the dvd burner and I am having some problems with my Nero burner program. I have read this other thread and they are talking about ā€œcontroller driver/wrong controller modeā€ which to me makes no senseā€¦ :frowning: I will understand if I get more information but just those words mean nothingā€¦ :rolleyes: :o

I have googled and found no drivers to this burnerā€¦ closest thing I came was this forum :iagree: and that thread about burner not burningā€¦ :clap:

Like I said in thread aboveā€¦ my harddrive is in desperate need of formatting and I cant do that until I have made backupsā€¦ I have 25 dvd+rw waiting for me and I canā€™t get the Nero to burnā€¦ :sad:

Plz help this newbieā€¦

DRIVERS do come with the OS nowadays. :wink:

even with windows 98??? goodā€¦ :clap: :iagree: :bow:

Yes, I too have just installed a 5170a which of course came with no software. It will play DVDā€™s, play and record CDā€™s, but the computer will not recognise it as a DVD recorder drive when I put a blank DVD in it! Have you found a solution for this yet?