Optiarc burner, and a few scanner questions


Im in the market for a new burner. I primarily burn DL (always Verbatim) backups of store bought movies. I tend to scratch disks by leaving them around so ive been making a backup then putting the original in storage.

Ive done alot of reading on these forums as to what I should get. The Sony Optiarc seems to be recommended in many posts. Newegg doesnt carry the 7240’s anymore, so I was thinking of getting an AD-7260S-0B unless its worth it to track down one of the older 7240’s.

For scanning it seems many seem to like the Asus DRW-24B1ST for its MediaTek chip.

But, im a little confused about the purpose of a scanning drive. I see that you can use it to check the quality of a burned disk, but is it just better at finding errors or is it a better all around reader? For backing up DVD disks would it be better to rip the disks using the scanner, burn it using the burner, then optionally checking the burn using the scanner? Or am way off as to what scanner drives are used for?

Assuming its worth it to get 2 drives, and I have the scanning concept right, I was thinking of getting these drives from newegg:
Optiarc AD-7260S-0B


But if someone has some other suggestions for drives id love to hear them.