Optiarc Black 20X AD-7190A IDE on newegg

Does anyone have this drive yet? I did a quick search and nothing turned up.

It’s on sale at newegg for $31.99 (free ship)

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That’s interesting. The last info i had on this drive was, it wouldn’t be available until late September/early October.

The features list also looks quite interesting.

SMART-X: Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction
Seamless Link: Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for Burning

I’d love to see some results from this drive. :iagree:

SMART-X is a LiteOn technology.

Are they cooperating with LiteOn on these new drives?

I might have to buy one while the price is low and it’s free shipping…

I knew you wouldn’t miss this post Dee :wink:

edit: Well I ordered one, results hopefully sometime Thursday-Friday

I sincerely hope not, i hope this drive is not a 20A3 clone. :Z :doh:

If you should get one, i’d be very interested to see a burn graph and scan. :iagree:

I just edited my post above, just bought one. I will let you know ASAP when I get it and post in the forum and IM you.

Thanks MegaDEATH :flower:

From the pics on NewEgg, it appears to be the same drive as the Lite-On 20A3P. The only thing that looks different is the casing. The front and back look the same.

  1. NEC front
  2. Lite-On front
  3. NEC back
  4. Lite-On back

Hi :slight_smile:
Odds must be high that this is a Lite-On/Nec production.
I know pics don’t tell all.
But the ones you see at newegg are of a Lite-On.
The technology SmartX is Lite-On too.

I have in the past seen Smartburn described as Seamless Link.

Or simply, newegg has the wrong info and pictures :slight_smile:

While it was not the AD-7190A, I found the AD-7191A and S listed in a German online shop. Here they mention the drive’s Labelflash capabilities in the headings - something that LiteOn drives have not been capable of so far - but Lightscribe in the drive’s details. :confused:

Thanks for all the info everyone, I will post everything as quickly as I can soon as the drive arrives

… a german shop has some data sheet online, also stating Lightscribe instead of Labelflash:
Looks like other SonyNECOptiarc data sheets, but might also be fake :confused:

Nearly all shops state that they expect the drive to be received by end of September…

Hi :slight_smile:
This appears to lean in the direction of Lite-On too.
LightScribe is consistantly liste as a feature where ever you look.

My gosh, did Sony’s previous partnership with LiteOn bring Optiarc to LO for a second set of SOHW-Alliance drives? It seems that Sony/Optiarc is doing a lot of pairing/tri-pairing up with companies these days.

Optiarc has exhibited AD-7191A(20X DVD-reading) before.

Was the specification changed…?

I’m not sure if the specs have changed but if this drive is truly a Lite-On 20A3 clone then i’m very disappointed. It will only offer 20x writing speed over the current spec, were Samsung offers a whole lot more with there 20x drive and quite possibly using the same chipset, it offers blazingly fast burn times, excellent writing quality and 16x DL burning which works extremely well.

Worst of all. It wont have an NEC chipset, so tools like Binflash wont work. :sad:

AFAIK Seamless link was the buffer underrun protection on early BenQ CD-RW drives… So this drives seems to be a mix of everything. Hopefully optiarc realised that they were producing the worst drives on the market…

Well everyone can post here on what tests they would like me to run and I will make a list and post the results here.

A burn graph
A scan from the drive with CD-Speed (also interested to see if KProbe will work, scan speed 4x)
A Transfer Rate Test
Infotool screenshot
Disc info tab in CD-Speed with a 20x capable media
Bitsetting Dialog from CD-Speed
And see if the drive is detected by Binflash.
Where the drive was manufactured