Optiarc BD-5840H

HI, every one. I have a trouble.
I get a optiarc BD-5840h,It can read or write CD and DVD, but not BD, I’m sure Laser head is good. The drive FW is 1.M5.I know that by update the firmware can be solved.But I tried a lot of ways can 't update.I am looking forward to getting help。Please ,and thx. In china ,I even can’t used google to get more ways. main BC-5640H OPU is mc-10181,BD-5840H OPU is mc-10182,Hope this information is useful to you. Binflash 1.63 can’t Dump and Flash.

Optiarc encrypted the Blu-Ray drive firmwares and so far nobody figured out how to decrypt them.
But if the drive cannot access BD then it’s very likely not a firmware issue but indeed a problem with the optical unit for BD.

bd-laser head With bc-5640h the same, I changed and i’sure that the laser head was intact. Also change the area code。 Is there any other possibility? sorry to bother you