Optiarc BD-5730S, is it original or a rebadge?


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the question is already in the title :wink:

AFAIK the NEC/Sony/Optiarc-factories are bought by Liteon. Is the Optiarc BD-5730S a rebadge of a Liteon or re-badged LG/TSST/QSI?



If I remember correctly, the BD-5730S is a Blu-Ray burner based on a NEC/Optiarc (now Renesas) chipset, so one of the few devices, if not even the only BD burner with Optiarc design.


Thank you, Liggy, for the info :slight_smile:


I searched for the 5730s and found also the 5740H. Any ideas which design this writer is?


Not really an answer to the topic, but my BD-5750L drive is original Optiarc, powered by NEC MC-10182 + OPU Sony KES-570WA, so most likely even BD-5740H is an Optiarc model.