Optiarc bc5500a dvd burner with verbatim mcc04 dvd+ media



Hello people,

In my recently bought Optiarc bc 5500 a drive with firmware 1.B4 it’s impossible to burn Verbatim dvd+ with media code MCC04.
The drive is in an acer 7520G notebook and i think it’s an oem product because it is not possible to upgrade the firmware from the optiarc website (version 1.5 at this moment) and acer doesn’t have new firmware on their site
With Nero i get an power calibration error. and when i use the software supplied with my notebook (NTI cd&dvd maker 7) it looks like it’s working to burn a movie but when i put it in my sony dvd player it doesn’t recognize the dvd.
I thought that it has something to do with the booktype setting of my optiarc but when i try to change the booktype from dvd+ to dvd-rom (with dvdinfo pro) it says that the firmware found is command version 2 wich is able to change the DVD+RDL setting. For complete bitsetting the drive needs command setting 4. 2 Other brands of dvd’s work fine
But because i love the verbatim discs (i think one of the best dvd’s) i really want to try the burner to work with verbatim!
i have the following questions:

-Is it possible to download a newer firmware or is it impossible to flash my oem drive?
-Does somebody have the same problem and is there somebody with a solution for my “problem”.

I’m from holland and i hope somebody can help me.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Friendly greetings, Michael