Optiarc AD7543A and HP NX 6325

Drive is recognized OK, but DVD burning is not OK. It starts with 2x and after two minutes speeds up to 4x. Burned media has two visible tracks and has a poor readability. Firmware is standard 1.00. Iv tried 1.00 fast but result is the same. AD 7543A works just fine in FS Amilo and Gericom Hummer. Same problem appears in HP 6715b and HP 6110. Iv tried different burning programs and different media, result is always the same.

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What media are you using? Please post the MID [manufacturer’s ID], & brand that distributes it.

Im currently using Traxdata DVD-R 16x media MID RitekF1 and Verbatim DVD-R 16x media MID MCC 03RG20. I tryed Sony, Princo, Imation, but I ran out of them so i cant give you their MID.