Optiarc AD7200s drive causes no shutdown in vista

Hi, I have a self build pc that i made in 2003 . A7n8x deluxe 2, athlon XP 2600, Bios 1008d rev2. This has performed well over the years even though it could be considered dated by todays standards.

My EIDE dvd rw drive failed 2 weeks ago & i replaced it with a Sony optiarc AD7200s SATA drive, (this is the first time i have used SATA in this pc).

After initial problems being able to boot from this drive (for the purpose of installing op\sys & recovery boot disks, etc) i found a modified BIOS that has the si3112 BIOS 4.2.83 & this allows me to boot from the dvd drive when required.

The only problem is, when shutting down vista, the pc will not shut down completely. The case fans, cpu fan are still running. Through a process of elimination i found that the SATA dvd drive is causing this problem. If i shutdown with the dvd drive disconnected it will shutdown properly, reconnect the dvd drive & it wont shutdown. This problem is only apparent in vista, win xp has no shutdown issues.

Any advice & suggestions appreciated as i am rapidly loosing hair on this!

Many thanks.

Put your SATA Controller to compatibilty mode in your BIOS and restart. Let Vista detect the new hardware and set the SATA Controller back to what it was before.
It’s a pretty common error with ODDs,SATA and Vista.

Many thanks for replying Scan-C. I dont see anything in the bios relating to the SATA controller nor anything relating to compatibility mode.

The bios is as follows… BIOS Version/Date, Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS A7N8X2.0 Deluxe ACPI BIOS Rev 1008, 04/08/2004.

Many thanks.

I tried to look at the manual of your Motherboard but Asus’s site is darn slow and the proxy at work kept telling me there’s no reply.

Anyway, there must be some option to put your SATA Controller to IDE Mode. Look closely at every option your BIOS provides. If you really can’t find it try uninstalling the drive in device manager, boot into safe mode and install the driver manually.

Yes, the Asus site is not working for me too.

I have been through the bios again and again but still dont see anything relating to this.

Will try what you mentioned about uninstalling & reinstalling & see what happens.

A huge thanks for taking the time to reply, i have posted this query on over a half dozen forums & this is the only place where i have had any response. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

I’ll try to get the manual again over the day. Maybe your board sets SATA to IDE all the time. At least a possibility being it such an aged board.

Report back if the safe mode reinstallation got you anything.

Thank you once again Scan-C. The safe mode method didnt work unfortunately.

I have decided to go back to XP (at least for now). I thought i would try vista on my desktop pc as my laptop has vista installed and it seems to be quite fast considering vista is such a bloated op\sys!.

My laptop is a pentium dual core with 3 gigs of ram & i think my athlon 2600 may be a little under spec to cope with vista.

When funds permit i intend to buy a motherboard “kit” and upgrade my desktop to a dual or quad core system.

Many thanks for taking the time to assist me on this.

Kindest regards.