Optiarc AD7190A Power Calibration Error when it works FINE!



Ok…here’s the issue. I recently got a pack of 50 Nexxtech 4.7GB 16x DVD-R dvds for burning and freeing some space on my PC. Well I put one in and it failed to format it for burning. I got Nero Burning ROM and it gave me a power calibration error while trying to burn one…I tried at least 7-8 and ALWAYS get the same result.

So I though, is the burner broken? I pulled a DVD-RW and put THAT in…it formated it, burned it, deleted it again…no problem. I put a CD in…again not a problem, formated it, burned it. I then got a 3rd program…CheetahBurner and that AGAIN gave me a power Calibration Error with the DVDs. I know the burner is not broken and I’m pretty certain the DVDs work fine as it reads them and shows they are empty.

For reference, its a Sony Optiarc 7190A. I already upgraded the firmware of the thing to the latest 1.05 version and STILL not working.

PS: When I put a DVD in, it reads the DVD fine and recognizes it as having the free space and everything, it just fails to format it for burning.


Your problem is due to the substandard media bought from bankrupted Circuit City. It is a hit-or-miss with Nexxtech, but in your case, it’s a miss.


Ok. I’ll try a different brand of DVDs and report back.


Yep that indeed turned out to be the problem.

Just bought a 30x pack of Memorex DVD+R 16x and they work fine. Burned a couple.